Podcast Episode Synopsis: We get into the scoobidy doobidy of it all, chess games, and the excellence that is families supporting each other.

“Martin Does it His Way” is such a delightful episode. It is great to see more of Martin’s life and interests. It is also so lovely to see Niles and Frasier want something great and exciting for their dad and encourage him and help him. We really love families who actively support each other. I wonder what that’s about.

Chess is boring, I think we can all agree. But this is a nice use of chess to unpack the relationship between Martin and Frasier. And it’s a great moment for Martin to get to put his snobby son in his place.

Martin surveys a chess board
Martin outwits Frasier at chess, we all win. Season 3, Episode 18

Martin is a great dad. He knows when to step in and help out his stubborn son. We should all be so lucky.

Martin Crane beams at Frasier after getting him the outlaw laser robo geek.
What a good dad. Season 3, Episode 9

He is also a real goofball and that is so incredibly enjoyable. It’s fun to see the teenage embarrassment that Frasier and Niles still have about their weird dad and I love seeing Martin continue to torture them with it.

I definitely do suggest watching “Martin Does it His Way” and enjoying the heck out of Kelsey Grammer’s performance of “She’s Such a Groovy Lady” at the funeral service. Oh goodness it cracks me up.

Frasier gives the audience a thumbs up sign.

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“Martin Does it His Way”. This time there can only be one!

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