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Residuum – Season 3

Podcast Episode Synopsis: We mostly talk about our favourite ladies from this season and then embarrass ourselves for your entertainment (we hope!).

I’m glad Lauren gets to talk more about Bebe Glaser. She is definitely an underrated character in the show and Lauren has a very impressive way of highlighting her that I very much appreciate.

Bebe Glaser takes a huge breath of smoky air from her bag that is on fire.

I think we maybe have talked about “It’s Hard to Say Goodbye If You Won’t Leave” almost as much as we have talked about “Look Before You Leap”. And I love that we get a glimpse of Kate as a Horse Woman.

Kate Costas beams at Frasier
Kate, likely thinking about jogging. Season 3, Episode 10

Did you think you would get out of here without us gushing about Roz? That was silly of you. You can hear in this clip that she is key to Frasier’s success on the radio and her no nonsense approach is able to cut through Frasier’s crap and produce a quality program. His ideals are no match for her know-how.

And just you wait, you thought you would also get out of here without more talk about “Look Before You Leap”? Silly you. The set up for this episode is classic peak Frasier. Everyone in the scene gets swept up in Frasier’s rhetoric, including Frasier himself. A note about Daphne’s haircut: it is nothing like Princess Diana’s!? I get wanting to look like her and I get that this is supposed to be a ridiculous haircut she gets, but you have to actually cut your long hair if you want to try to get the Di.

Frasier holds up two hands to convince people to do something.
This is the face of a man you can trust. Season 3, Episode 16

Episodes to Check Out

“Look Before You Leap” and “Martin Does it His Way”

What would a podcast in 2020 be without acknowledging that “things have been weird”? And with that, thank you for listening and we will see you next season. To quote Frasier “Goodnight everybody, we love you”.

Writing – Season 3

Podcast Episode Synopsis: Flashbacks, a pom kapoose, and smoking, oh my.

This flashback episode is really elegantly executed. The writers do a really good job of reminding us where Frasier was three seasons ago and showing how important those relationships that we have learned to love are and how far they have come. Also, a nod to the actors who are able to get back into older versions of their characters quite seamlessly.

I love professor Lauren. She is super smart and great. And you know what else I love? “Look Before You Leap.” It’s a truly wonderful episode. I wish I could always be watching it. Something we never really discuss about this episode is that Daphne’s haircut is just her hair blown up like Roz’s in “The Innkeepers,” it’s not a haircut at all.

I am very glad we got to get into the “Buttons and Bows” of it all. I truly never knew any of these things before looking into this. I think The Paleface needs to be thrown into the sea.

Fraiser performing "Buttons and Bows"
“…and blow my nose, I’m all yours in buttons and bows”

Ah, intertitles. They are great, and very hard to talk about. But I thank Lauren for putting up with my game and wildly guessing at plots of things. She is a real sport.

A black intertitle card with white text reads "Huh?"
An intertitle from “Look Before You Leap”, Season 3, Episode 16

I think we all could use a spinoff of the life of Bebe and Big Willy, if he had lived. But really, don’t smoke, no matter how well Bebe sells it.

Bebe Glazer gives her smoking speech
The GREAT Harriet Sansom Harris. Season 3, Episode 21.

Episodes to check out

“Look Before You Leap” and “Where There’s Smoke There’s Fired”

Women – Season 2

Welcome to the show notes for the Women episode of Season 2 of Café Nervosa. We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Podcast Episode Synopsis: In a switcheroo, I generously let Lauren talk about Lilith.

We start by talking about how Daphne has some sexual agency! And we discuss the upside of double standards. You go stalk that guy, Daphne.

Speaking of stalkers: women can be anything! In “Someone to Watch Over Me” we get to see women be bodyguards, stalkers, and radio producers. There are some cheap shots at women in this episode, but overall, the message is that ladies are good at what they do. That’s true even when they challenge (bogus) gender stereotypes with the work that they are doing. Ladies rule.

Now, here is the moment we (I) have all been waiting for! Lilith time! While on a sex vacation with Madeline Marshall, Frasier runs into Lilith and we get to spend some quality time with her. As per usual, she stands up for herself and admits she is happy that she is happy, something ladies are not often allowed to do.

Bebe Glazer is another bomb-ass woman on this show. She wears dope pant suits and gets results for her clients. She also uses what men think of women to get what she wants. AND she works the system. Never change, Bebe.

Thankfully, I get to talk about Lilith a little bit myself. I really love the power she exerts over Frasier and the confidence with which she does so. Niles is also controlled by a powerful woman, the invisible Maris. It is impressive how present an invisible woman can be in a show.

Episodes to Check Out

“Adventures in Paradise” and “Agents in America, Part III”

Taryn’s Patented Lilith Count

Oh boy, basically too many to count! Let’s say 200 times.

Ugh, Kelsey Grammer (Cast, Season 1)

Welcome to the show notes for the Cast episode of Season 1 of Café Nervosa. We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Podcast Episode Synopsis: A little bit of Grammer talk, and then addressing the cast that we don’t get to in other episodes. Callers, Noel, and Gil take centre stage.

Ugh, Kelsey Grammer. We have issues, guys. Due to his not great politics Lauren and I loooove to watch this gif of Grammer during a lecture. You are welcome.

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The Magnificent Sternin (Women, Season 1)

Welcome to the show notes for the Women episode of Season 1 of Café Nervosa. We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Podcast Episode Synopsis: Two feminists find the bright side of how a white male-centric show in the 90s treats women.

Do yourself a favour and tell someone who is not letting you be your own person to belt up. BELT UP, MEN.

Lilith is amazing, and knows what she’s about even when dealing with a bit of a personal crisis. She will also call Frasier out on his BS. We need more Dr. Lilith Sternin.

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