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Residuum – Season 2

Welcome to the show notes for the Residuum episode of Season 2 of Café Nervosa. We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Podcast Episode Synopsis: We are wrapping up season 2 of Frasier with a few things we didn’t get to in our other episodes, and I take back the Lilith crown and talk about that bathing suit!!! Also, we have our swear-filled outtakes.

Eddie is adorable and it is hard to bring clips in of him because he is a dog. So here’s a clip of a dog! Also, we are cat people as you may be able to tell because we don’t really know how to talk about him. But out of all dogs, Eddie is a pretty darn great one.

David Hyde Pierce makes an appearance because he is so damn talented that his gifts cannot be contained to just one episode. Also, hang up those framed quotes y’all. And then go do something good in the world.

Now, the moment  I know you have ALL been waiting for. I talk Lilith. Our Lilith count has been appalling low this season. We have no good excuse for this, but her time on the show is limited in Season 2. It is well-established who she is in the Frasier-verse, and we don’t need constant reminders about who Frasier’s ex-wife is. But come on show, give the people what they want. It’s really great to get to talk about her. And Lauren, you are forgiven, you did all you could and I shouldn’t have put such a burden on you to capture the essence of The Magnificent Sternin.

Everybody clap for Lauren and Taryn because they talked about the passing of John Mahoney and didn’t cry on their podcast. And Frasier is such the better show for Mahoney’s amazing contributions as Martin.

Before the end of this recap I want to take the opportunity to thank anyone who spent their time with us and listened to our podcast and read these recaps. We are very excited to tackle the next season, but I do want to say that as I am writing this I am 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant, so it may take a little longer to get ourselves organized for season 3. But fear not, we will be back!

Episode to Check Out

“Breaking the Ice” (this is not a shock because we recommended it in nearly every podcast episode this season)

Honourable Mention

“Flour Child”

Taryn’s Patented Lilith Count

We’ll call it 10 just because she deserves it

Sexuality – Season 2

Welcome to the show notes for the Sexuality episode of Season 2 of Café Nervosa. We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Podcast Episode Synopsis: We do as Salt-N-Pepa suggest and talk about sex, baby.

Can you believe this show had an openly gay man in a position of authority and it was NEVER a joke that he was gay? I cannot. Well done show in the mid-90s.

On a related note, ladies on this show get down. It is wonderful. Daphne bones in a park, Lilith goes on a sex vacation, Maris could be boffing her fencing teacher, Bebe uses an affair to get her client a better raise, and Dr. Honey Snow is totally in control of her sex life with Frasier, and lords it over him.

Lauren drops a bomb telling me that Frasier’s main relationships this season are age appropriate! She also casually slips Nepean, Ontario into the conversation. Her talents never cease to amaze me.

Can we talk more about my theory that Bebe and Frasier don’t actually go to bang town? It’s a solid theory. Frasier is unsure about what happened and Bebe would 1000000% make up this story because she is hilarious and great. Also, maybe I watch too much Law & Order: SVU and have been expertly trained to find the holes in stories like this. CHUNG CHUNG.

“Slow Tango in South Seattle” deals with Frasier losing his virginity when he was a teenager and had an extended affair with his older piano teacher. The hits just keep on coming, age-wise in season 2. I am here for it.

Quick PSA: To quoth noted sexual harasser Bob Barker from The Price is Right: “Have your pets spayed or neutered”.  Seriously, it’s ridiculous to not do so.

Episodes to Check Out

“The Matchmaker” and “Adventures in Paradise, Parts 1 & 2”

Taryn’s Patented Lilith Count

1, and you can hear my excitement at the prospect of more in the episode about women.

We say the jokes are from season 1. They’re from season 2. Oops. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Women – Season 2

Welcome to the show notes for the Women episode of Season 2 of Café Nervosa. We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Podcast Episode Synopsis: In a switcheroo, I generously let Lauren talk about Lilith.

We start by talking about how Daphne has some sexual agency! And we discuss the upside of double standards. You go stalk that guy, Daphne.

Speaking of stalkers: women can be anything! In “Someone to Watch Over Me” we get to see women be bodyguards, stalkers, and radio producers. There are some cheap shots at women in this episode, but overall, the message is that ladies are good at what they do. That’s true even when they challenge (bogus) gender stereotypes with the work that they are doing. Ladies rule.

Now, here is the moment we (I) have all been waiting for! Lilith time! While on a sex vacation with Madeline Marshall, Frasier runs into Lilith and we get to spend some quality time with her. As per usual, she stands up for herself and admits she is happy that she is happy, something ladies are not often allowed to do.

Bebe Glazer is another bomb-ass woman on this show. She wears dope pant suits and gets results for her clients. She also uses what men think of women to get what she wants. AND she works the system. Never change, Bebe.

Thankfully, I get to talk about Lilith a little bit myself. I really love the power she exerts over Frasier and the confidence with which she does so. Niles is also controlled by a powerful woman, the invisible Maris. It is impressive how present an invisible woman can be in a show.

Episodes to Check Out

“Adventures in Paradise” and “Agents in America, Part III”

Taryn’s Patented Lilith Count

Oh boy, basically too many to count! Let’s say 200 times.

The Magnificent Sternin (Women, Season 1)

Welcome to the show notes for the Women episode of Season 1 of Café Nervosa. We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Podcast Episode Synopsis: Two feminists find the bright side of how a white male-centric show in the 90s treats women.

Do yourself a favour and tell someone who is not letting you be your own person to belt up. BELT UP, MEN.

Lilith is amazing, and knows what she’s about even when dealing with a bit of a personal crisis. She will also call Frasier out on his BS. We need more Dr. Lilith Sternin.

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